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Friday, March 27, 2015



  • The following is a message from the Valley View Board of Education and

    Parents and Guardians:

    A computer APP known as Burn Book contains anonymous and inappropriate
    statements about students and other members of the Valley View School
    District Community.

    The District strongly condemns these posts and encourages students and
    parents to ignore this site.

    These posts have been made without approval of the Valley View School
    District and are inconsistent with goals, policies and principles of the

    Please speak with your children regarding appropriate on-line behavior, in
    order for us to continue to provide a safe, educational environment. 

    Thank you
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  • Middle States Site Visit

    A Self-Study for Accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Is scheduled for March 24-27, 2015.

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  • SPP Image  
    The 2013-14 School Performance Profile (SPP) scores have been released publicly. 

    This is the second year for the SPP. An important aspect of this resource is that it allows us to acknowledge our strengths while also identifying areas where we can enhance student achievement. A powerful new feature of the SPP this year gives us the ability to see trend data, i.e., how our scores overall and in each performance area have changed from last year. Using the performance data for each measure and comparing from year to year provides us with a barometer to assess what we have done and how those actions affect performance. That’s an important aspect of this system – not just having a single score but being able to analyze the multitude of factors that comprise student achievement.

    Our SPP score is based not only on state assessment performance but on many other factors that signal student achievement such as student academic growth from year to year and a multitude of other factors such as graduation and attendance rates, degree of rigorous course offerings, and college and work ready benchmarks. 

    It is the focus of the Valley View School District to ensure all stakeholders are fully informed in regard to our academic achievement as assessed through the SPP. 

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    2014-2015 SCHOOL YEAR

    This is a reminder to parents with a child or children attending school in our School District
    that we do not carry medical insurance on students, but do provide parents with the
    opportunity to select a primary excess group insurance plan for students. Student accident
    insurance can help you eliminate the possibility of out-of-pocket expenses, since many group
    insurance policies no longer pay full hospital and medical expenses and may require a
    deductible or co-insurance. 

    Please see the attached Brochure for a complete description of the plans and the various coverage options.

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