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Welcome to the Valley View Curriculum page.
This site is currently being populated with departmental mission statements and curriculum maps. The content specific mission statements are tied to the district mission statement that drives our strategic planning process. They have been developed by teachers in kindergarten through twelfth grade.

On this page, stakeholders will be able to examine curriculum maps that have been developed by a team of teachers, coaches, consultants and administrators. Valley View has made a commitment to recognize the needs of diverse learners in all subjects and at all grade levels. We believe that all children can learn if given the necessary resources and instructional supports.

The overlying philosophy in regard to our curriculum is that it is a living, breathing document that will be assessed for its effectiveness in an ongoing fashion. We will use our data tools to harvest information on the effectiveness of our plan. Time will be set aside each year to facilitate the examination of the curriculum by our teachers, coaches and administration.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education is in the process of rolling out two initiatives that will impact the curriculum writing process. First, PDE has developed a roll out plan that involves national standards and is referred to as the “Common Core Standards.” The date set for our curriculum to reflect this initiative is the summer of 2013. PDE has also developed a mapping tool and they strongly suggest that school districts across the state use the tool to facilitate future planning.

Due to the state initiatives and past “curriculum writing cycles” this page is being populated in an ongoing manner. Please check back frequently for additional curriculum updates.
English/Language Arts 9-12