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May 13th School Board Committee Meeting of the Whole

4 months ago

The Valley View Board of Education will conduct a Committee Meeting of the Whole, Wednesday, May 13th at 7pm.  The 2020 – 2021 school year budget will be presented. The meeting will be conducted virtually and will be live-streamed for the public to view by signing on to the School District's Facebook page at  The agenda for the meeting can be found by clicking on


A link for Public comments will be made available at the conclusion of the meeting and will be available up until the 7:00pm start of the School Board Meeting on Monday, May 18th. Anyone requiring reasonable accommodation to access the meeting due to a disability should email the School District or contact (570) 876-5080.

Safe 2 Say Something

4 months ago

S2SS is a life-saving and changing school safety program that teaches students, educators, and administrators how: (1) to recognize the signs and signals of individuals who may be at risk of hurting themselves or others and (2) to anonymously report this information through the S2SS app, website, or 24/7 Crisis Center Hotline.

The S2SS program officially launched, Monday, January 14, 2019. In the weeks following the launch, we conducted training for students in grades 6-12, using materials provided by the S2SS program. 

Additional information is available on the links to the below:

Safe 2 Say Parent Letter (High School)

Safe 2 Say Brochure

Get The APP

Update April 22, 2020

4 months ago

To the Valley View School Community, 

Update on our Continuity of Education Phase 2 Plan:

The Valley View School District is in the midst of rolling out Phase 2 of our Continuity of Education Plan. The week of April 20th was dedicated to connecting your child with their teacher in our online platform, Google Classroom. If you were not able to successfully log into your child’s Google Classroom this week, please contact your child’s teacher for assistance. Monday, April 27th will begin our online instruction with teacher created video lessons and assignments. Video lessons and assignments will be provided on Monday and Wednesday of each week, covering new academic material. Students do not have to log into their Google Classroom at a specific time, they can complete the lessons when it is convenient for them throughout the week. Due to the guidelines provided by the Governor for districts to provide new academic material until the end of the school year, it is expected that all students in the district participate each week. 

 In addition to video lessons and assignments beginning on Monday, April 27, next week will also allow students to connect with their teachers via live office hours. Students will have the ability to log in during specific dates and times to receive assistance with their course material. A schedule of live office hours along with the link to access the live office hours will be shared with each student in Google Classroom. Additionally, this information can be viewed by clicking the appropriate link below. 

Fourth marking period grading procedures can also be viewed by clicking the appropriate link below. Please reach out to your child’s teachers if you have any questions on grading. 

Valley View School District teachers have put forth an impressive effort to create Google Classrooms and produce educational videos for your children in order to continue their education. We ask that all parents be understanding and patient as we move through this journey together; this is new to everyone. We look forward to growing together and starting this new chapter of online learning in Valley View history. More information and continued support to follow... 

Dr. Michael J. Boccella,

ES Grading and Office Hours

IS Grading and Office Hours

MS Grading and Office Hours

HS Grading and Office Hours

Cold and Flu - Helpful Hints from the CDC

4 months ago

Cold and flu season is upon us! Here are some helpful hints from the CDC to prevent the spread of germs. 

Update April 10, 2020

4 months ago

To the Valley View School Community, 

We all learned yesterday that, unfortunately, our students won't be back this school year.  While we recognize that our students' safety is at the forefront of the Governor's decision, we are collectively saddened by the news as we were holding out hope that we'd return to normalcy before the end of the school year.  I very much appreciate how difficult and frustrating this is for our entire school community, especially our seniors, their parents, and their families.  I'd like to share a few initial thoughts:

We are committed to helping our school community every way we can, which includes continuing to provide meals, loaning Chromebooks, and being an email or phone call away for any questions or concerns. 

Even prior to yesterday's announcement, we were already planning to enhance our Continuity of Education Plan and move into Phase 2.  Knowing that we are not returning places even greater importance on providing increased educational opportunities for our students.  These opportunities will include teacher-made recordings and live, interactive sessions with teachers.  Teacher preparations have already begun and Phase 2 will start soon.  We are excited to work closer with our students and get back to doing what we do best--helping students learn!  We all miss our students and can't wait to see them, albeit in cyberspace.  

To the Class of 2020, their parents and families:  I am sincerely sorry that this very special time in your lives has been altered in the way that it has.  I  wish this weren't the case.  Please know that we are absolutely committed to recognizing and celebrating your time at Valley View.  Since the closure began on March 13th, we have been considering options for our important end of the year events.  We have purposely held off on any decision-making, hoping we'd be back to school prior.  We, now, are considering all possibilities, including creative and innovative ones, and will do whatever we can to give you the sendoff you deserve.  We stand with you!  We plan to discuss our options and make decisions with regard to our end of the year events, including graduation, at our upcoming "virtual" Work Session and Board Meeting on Wednesday, 4/15, and Monday, 4/20, respectively.  We welcome your input.  Public comments can be submitted at  All comments, concerns, and/or suggestions will be considered.  Please know that we are committed to keeping our students, their families, and our entire community safe and that whatever we ultimately decide will be reflective of Federal, State, and local guidelines with regard to health and safety.  

Please continually check our webpage and social media for more updates on our Continuity of Education Plan, our end of the year events, including graduation, and all things VVSD. 

I wish you and yours a healthy and happy Easter!  

Stay safe!Dr. Michael J. Boccella, 



Important Information Regarding Student Physical Examination

4 months ago

The School Health Law requires mandatory Medical Examinations for children in grades KindergartenSix andEleven. These grades were selected because they represent critical periods of growth and development in a child’s life. If you prefer the school physician to perform the physical, please indicate below.   The school physicals will be performed in the spring. It is recommended that this examination be done by your family physician since your physician can best evaluate your child’s health and more importantly administer necessary age appropriate vaccinations. Students entering 7th grademust have documentation of Tdap and Menactra immunizations.  
PLEASE NOTE:  These physical forms are NOT for PIAA.   Students needing PIAA physical forms should see the Athletic Director.


Update – April 8, 2020

4 months ago

To the Valley View School Community,

I hope this correspondence finds you and yours safe and healthy! First and foremost, I thank everyone for their patience and understanding during this unprecedented situation. Parents especially have been put in a difficult situation with little notice and great uncertainty. On behalf of the District, we thank and commend our parents for all they are doing. We’d also like to thank the countless helpers who have stepped up over the past many weeks to help their community. While there are too many to name, we would specifically like to thank the following: our cafeteria workers and volunteers who have helped feed our students, our maintenance staff who have disinfected our schools so that they are safe for the essential employees that are still working, including those who are distributing food, the organizations and individuals who are advocating for increased support for public schools during this crises, and the organizations and individuals who have generously donated to the school to provide increased technology that can be lent to our families. Of course, we also appreciate all of the doctors, nurses, hospital staff, first responders, police officers, grocery and restaurant workers, and anyone else performing life-sustaining work locally and around the nation. You are heroes! The outpouring of generosity, kindness, and togetherness (while apart physically) has been inspiring and is what makes Valley View a special place.

As you know, in concert with the NIEU 19 schools VVSD rolled out a Continuity of Education Plan about two weeks ago that features voluntary enrichment and review. As the school closure in Pennsylvania continues, some schools have begun revising their plans. VVSD has been and will continue to vet all options. Certainly, we want to do all that we can for our students. Our students’ welfare and academic progress are our priorities and why we do what we do. Please know that our decisions are informed by Federal and State guidelines with regard to access and equity issues. Any delays in our decision-making are the result of efforts to ensure, to the degree that we can, access to learning for ALL students. This is complex and challenging during normal circumstances and is truly uncharted territory at this time. Public schools have a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure universal access to education. VVSD takes that responsibility very seriously. Our goal is to roll out a Continuity of Education Phase 2 Plan within the next few days. The plan will increase educational opportunities during the closure, be accessible to all, and be reflective of Federal and State guidelines as well as legal advice as to protect the taxpayers. 

Updates regarding End-of-the-Year Events:

In order to adhere to the Governor’s order regarding social distancing, all of our events scheduled for April are cancelled. These events include: Kindergarten Registration (4/15, 4/16, 4/17), National Honor Society Induction Ceremony (4/23), High School Prom (4/24), and Pre-School Graduation at the High School (4/29). Should the Governor’s social distancing guidance change and we are able to return to school, we will make every effort to reschedule these events.

As for all graduation events, including Senior Awards Ceremony, Memories, and Graduation itself, please be assured that we are working diligently on solutions daily to address these very important milestones. While we are awaiting further information and instructions with regard to social distancing practices, we are considering many creative options that can be utilized if necessary. We will continue to update you as we learn more and as decisions are made. We will make every effort to recognize and celebrate our graduating class of 2020.

Finally, while none of us could have predicted this, we are in it together and will make the best of it. The Valley View community is a great place that I am proud to be a part of. I’m confident that we’ll emerge from this closer and stronger!

All the best and stay safe!


Dr. Michael J. Boccella, Superintendent


Continuity of Education Plan

4 months ago

First and foremost, on behalf of the entire VVSD, thank you for your continued patience and understanding during this difficult time. This unprecedented situation has hit parents the hardest and we thank you for the tremendous balancing act you are all doing right now. As a school community, we are in this together and want to help any way we can!

In response to the Governor’s extension of PA school closures, VVSD has developed its Continuity of Education Plan to provide our students with voluntary opportunities to stay engaged in learning. In concert with the Northeast Educational Unit member schools, our plan provides “enrichment and review” opportunities exclusively.  While encouraged, these opportunities are completely optional. No instruction or new material will be provided and nothing will be graded or counted in any way. Further, teachers will not be actively monitoring students. These voluntary enrichment and review opportunities are designed to help students maintain or extend current academic skills. We believe this approach is the most appropriate and reasonable way to keep our students engaged at this time. Please note that our plan is subject to change as we receive further guidance from State and Federal leadership. 

Beginning on Monday, March 30th, enrichment and review opportunities will be provided on a weekly basis. 

For K-5, opportunities can be accessed by going to the school’s homepage and then to the specific grade-level. Anyone without computer and/or Internet access should call (570) 876-4110. We will get in touch with you and coordinate a safe and convenient way to provide you with the opportunities. 

For 6-12, opportunities can be accessed through Google Classroom, teachers’ webpages, and/or email.  Anyone without computer and/or Internet access should call (570) 876-4110. We will get in touch with you and coordinate a safe and convenient way to provide you with the opportunities. 

Questions can be emailed to or you can call (570) 876-4110.

Please click on the following links for more information on the specific topics:

                Special Education Continuity of Education Plan

                Gifted Education Continuity of Education Plan

                Section 504 Continuity of Education Plan

                ESL Continuity of Education Plan

                Information for CTC Students 

Access to Technology
To assist families in need of technology, the VVSD will offer the use of a School District owned Chromebook.  To better serve our VVSD community we kindly ask that you only request the use of a Chromebook if you do not have a computer or a device such as a laptop, iPad, etc. for your family.  Please be advised that the use of a Chromebook does require WiFi internet access at home.  To request the use of a Chromebook please fill out the Technology Request Form located on our district website. 

VVSD is committed to continuing to serve lunches for all students during this closure. In order to align to recent guidance with regard to social distancing, we have decided to serve on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays only at the same time (11-12:30) and in the same locations (HS and ES), curbside pickup.  Breakfasts and lunches for the following day(s) will be provided. For example, a student who comes Monday will leave with breakfast and lunch for Monday, breakfast and lunch for Tuesday, and breakfast for Wednesday. This adjustment in our schedule does not reduce the amount of meals we are providing and helps keep our students, families, and staff safer.


Finally, in an effort to stay connected while apart, effective immediately we will begin using the hashtag #VVSDTogetherAtHome on social media, such as Facebook. Please consider showing off your Cougar Pride, sharing your day-to-day, and especially posting pictures using #VVSDTogetherAtHome 

All the best and stay safe!

Dr. Michael J. Boccella

Update to April Board Meetings:

4 months ago

Update to April Board Meetings:

For a variety of logistical and legal reasons, we feel it's best to hold both our Work Session and Board Meeting on the same night. Our Work Session will be this Wednesday, April 15th at 6pm with the Board Meeting to immediately follow. Both meetings will be conducted virtually and will be live-streamed for the public to view by signing on to the School District's Facebook page at We have been accepting public comment on agenda items only via Google Forms since this past Friday. We will continue to do so up until the start of our Board Meeting Wednesday evening. Anyone requiring reasonable accommodation to access the meeting due to a disability should email the School District or contact (570) 876-5080.

Updates Concerning School Closure

4 months ago

March 23, 2019 Update:

The PA Department of Education (PDE) announced today all schools in the commonwealth will remain closed through at least April 6 as a result of the COVID-19 response efforts. The closure order could be extended beyond April 6 if necessary.

As a result of the extended closure and updated guidance from the US and PA Departments of Education and the legal community, the Valley View School District will soon be rolling out a continuity of education program for our students. The safety of our students, their families, and our entire community is and always will be our top priority. More information will follow. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this complex and rapidly evolving situation.

As a reminder, we are serving lunches and breakfasts for the following day each day this week from 11-1230 at our HS and ES.

Stay Safe!

Dr. Michael J. Boccella

March 13, 2019 Update

Today, Governor Tom Wolf announced that all K-12 Pennsylvania schools will be closed for 10 business days effective Monday, March 16. The administration has been working with school districts as well as state and local officials to gather input on this decision. The Wolf Administration will continue to monitor Covid-19 in the commonwealth, and at the end of 10 days will reevaluate and decide whether continued closure is needed.

Governor Wolf made the following statement:

We understand that these are trying times and recognize the impact of the coronavirus on our students and communities.

First and foremost, my top priority as governor – and that of our education leaders – must be to ensure the health and safety of our students and school communities.

As such, I am ordering that all schools in the commonwealth close for the next two weeks.

Be aware that no school district will be penalized if it fails to meet the 180 day or school hours requirements.

The Department of Education will work with intermediate units and other stakeholders to support school districts with any continuity of learning plans they may be pursuing.

Also, the Pennsylvania Department of Education announced today that it received a waiver from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to allow eligible schools to serve meals to low income students in a non-congregate setting, such as a drive-through or grab and go, during this closure. We will also work with schools to assist them with those plans.

We appreciate your collaboration as we work together to deal with this difficult issue.

School Closure  March 13, 2019

To the Valley View School Community,

All Northeast Intermediate Unit school districts, including the Valley View School District (VVSD), will be closed during the week of March 16, 2020. The rapidly changing circumstances surrounding the spread of Coronavirus require this response. The decision is made out of concern for all staff and students in our schools, especially those who are most vulnerable. We will monitor developments closely and consult with the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and other agencies. All NEIU districts, including VVSD, recognize the impact school cancellations can have on families and communities. Timely and transparent updates will be provided to our school community.  

Additional information about our school closure:

While we are closed, we will provide 'grab and go' style lunches in the commons area of our High School (near the gym and auditorium) for all students from 11AM to 12:30PM. To be clear, any VVSD student is able to come to our HS while we are closed and get a lunch to take with them.  Students do NOT need to qualify for free/reduced lunch to participate.  

All school activities, including extracurricular activities, trips, events, our Guys and Dolls Musical production, etc., are cancelled while we are closed. Will will attempt to reschedule the events that we are able to to the extent that we can. Additionally, we will make every effort possible to refund students and parents with regard to monies spent on trips or events that cannot be postponed. 

While we have encouraged our students to bring their books and related materials home with them, students are not required to complete any work while they are home. We are treating this week similar to being closed for a number of days due to weather.  Our stance on this topic has changed due to expert legal and educational advice.

We plan to make a decision for beyond next week by Thursday, 3/19, if not sooner.

On behalf of the Valley View School District, I sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this challenging time.  We will continue to provide you with updates as we navigate this unprecedented situation.  Stay safe!


Dr. Michael J. Boccella


Coronavirus (COVID-19)

4 months ago

UPDATE:  VVSD is continuing to closely monitor the rapidly changing environment of coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19).  As COVID-19 has come closer to home, we are increasing our proactive measures.  As always, student safety is our priority.  Our decision-making is informed by the guidance of national, state, and local health, public safety, and educational organizations.

The PA Department of Health recommends the following good health habits to protect yourself from the flu and may assist you in the prevention of COVID-19:

  •  Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.

  • Use alcohol based hand sanitizer if soap and water is not available.

  • Cover coughs and sneezes with elbows, not hands. 

  • Clean surfaces frequently and other frequently touched areas.

  • If sick, please stay home, until feeling better and fever free.

With student safety in mind and informed by expert guidance, VVSD has taken the following steps thus far:

  • We have increased the frequency and intensity of cleaning our schools, using specialized products that combat COVID-19.
  • We have asked our teachers to review good health habits, including those listed above, with our students.
  • We have taken steps to provide more hand sanitizing stations throughout our schools.
  • We are carefully considering all upcoming school trips on a case by case basis, especially those to areas impacted by COVID-19.
  • Finally, while we hope they go unused, we have developed contingency academic plans in the event of school closures due to COVID-19.

VVSD, as always, is committed to providing our students, parents, families, and our community with timely and transparent communication. 

 Please see the following links for more information: